Creating Homes for Tomorrow

Open Call: ‘Creating Homes for Tomorrow’ CANactions School 2019/20 educational program Within the 2019/20 program, CANactions School travels to 4 metropoles in western, northern and central Europe and explores their innovative approaches for creating more livable neighborhoods. Based on the findings, we develop new strategies for locally specific and globally relevant questions, considering spatial, economic,…

ABC | MONZA 2019

THE COMPETITION IN BRIEF ABC | MONZA 2019 is an international architectural ideas competition in the time of Digital Transformation. The theme of the competition is the urban regeneration of an industrial site of approximately 60,000 square meters in the city of Monza – Italy in accordance with the values of environmental, economic and social…


Today, 20th July 2019, marks the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, an event that changed the course of our world’s future. In honour of the Lunar Surface and humanity’s first steps in space, we are very excited to announce the winner of Moonception 2019. This architecture design competition challenged the participants to design an…

Call for Entries: Eliminate Loneliness Through Design


The “Eliminate Loneliness” competition provides you a public platform to tackle the issue of loneliness and isolation in society through design. We challenge you to set your imagination alight, and consider the systems, spaces, and interactions that could generate meaningfulness and connection in today’s world.

Whether this be on the individual or collective, micro or macro, digital or tangible, product or space, is entirely up to you. We ask you to question the fundamental causes of loneliness, their flows, conditions, and effects. Following the ethos of Bubble, we then ask you to operate across multiple spheres, reaching beyond convention to tackle the issue of loneliness through a creative, design-led solution.

There are very few boundaries for your idea. There is no set scale, location, or programme. Your idea could be an object, a room, a building, a street, a city, or bigger. Our prerequisites are deliberately open in order to encourage participation and input from all spheres of design, including architecture, product, interiors, digital, and landscape. Whatever your response, we are eager to receive ideas that encourage connection, co-operation, and engagement.

Submission Requirements

Ideas are to be electronically submitted on three (3) presentation boards, each measuring 420mm x 420mm. While the content of your presentation is your decision, we recommend you include 3D visual images, and schematic or architectural drawings if appropriate. In addition, each entry must submit an idea title and description (max 300 words) in English, submitted in a PDF format. Given the requirement for this project description document, it is envisaged that your three presentation boards will contain minimal text.

Submissions will be judged, and winners chosen, using the guidance of the three following criteria:
IS IT BOLD? Does the idea challenge conventional thinking?
IS IT SMART? Is it effective in tackling the issue of loneliness?
IS IT BEAUTIFUL? Is the idea communicated to a high visual standard?


40x FINALISTS will have their submission listed on the Bubble website, and will be included in a Bubble print publication “Ideas for: Eliminating Loneliness.”

A shortlist of winners will be chosen from the 40 finalists, to be recognized as follows:

7x HONOURABLE MENTIONS will, in addition to the rewards offered for being a finalist, be included in our press packet to be sent to leading design websites for publication.
1x THIRD PLACE WINNER will, in addition to the rewards offered to the finalists and honorable mentions, receive a prize of £250.
1x SECOND PLACE WINNER will, in addition to the rewards offered to the finalists and honorable mentions, receive a prize of £500.
1x FIRST PLACE WINNER will, in addition to the rewards offered to the finalists and honorable mentions, receive a prize of £750.


All submissions to the Eliminating Loneliness competition will be evaluated in collaboration with a jury panel comprised of the following individuals:

David Basulto: Founder and CEO, ArchDaily
Anna Blinova: Art Director, VIGO Industries, New York City
Craig Martin: Professor of Architecture, TU Delft, Netherlands
Rob Roggema: Professor of Sustainable Spatial Transformations, Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands
Tom Jefferies: Professor of Architecture, Manchester School of Architecture, UK

The full brief (here), and further information, can be found on the official Bubble Competitions website here. Follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for updates and inspiration. #bubbleideas


MANIFESTO Books undisputedly play an unparalleled role in shaping the destinies of both individuals and societies alike and nothing guides man more effectively than books. However, it is a sad reflection that amongst other positive social values the culture of reading has also persistently been declining across the world. Libraries were the ‘cool’ places of…

House Challenge 2019 – Desert House

INTRODUCTION “An idea is salvation by imagination.” – Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect. HOUSE CHALLENGE is pleased to announce its annual international design competition: House Challenge 2019 – Desert House. The competition is designed to challenge and seek the creation of a temporary dwelling with ideas and concepts in architectural design, landscape design and site planning….

Physical Model Making Workshop 2019

Why model making? Physical Model Making is one of the most crucial skills required by a student of Architecture throughout the five years as well as later in life as professionals! It is one of the most used tools during design, however the least taught in colleges. Very often students get intimidated by complex forms…

Work will never be the same

PREMISE The 21st century has seen the most rapid shifts in how we live – what we do, driven by technologies and will continue to steer at a similar pace. From a time when humans were doing most of the work by hand, innovation led to the formation of tools, making our work efficient. The same…

Call for Entries: Detailed Planning Competition for Xiaomeisha Coastal Zone, Shenzhen

Shenzhen is launching a new competition for the Xiaomeisha Coastal Zone, a comprehensive coastal tourism resort not far from central Shenzhen, China. This detailed planning consultation is hosted by the Yantian District Government of Shenzhen and organized by the Shenzhen SDG Co., Ltd., to bring international horizon, forward-looking thoughts and innovative concepts into the area’s…